Bungaree (c1775–1830), a Garigal from Broken Bay, adopted the role of a mediator between the English colonists and the Aboriginal people. He undertook a number of sea-voyages, and in company with Matthew Flinders, became first Australian to circumnavigate the continent.  He had close associations with the Newcastle settlement between 1801 and 1804.

He settled his family on the north shore of Port Jackson and maintained a close relationship with ships entering the port.  In 1815 his patron, Governor Lachlan Macquarie reserved land and erected huts at Georges Head for Bungaree and his family.  The proposed farming venture did not prosper and in 1828 Bungaree and his group moved their camp to the Governor's Domain.  Following an illness that lasted several months Bungaree died at Garden Island on 24 November 1830 and was buried at Rose Bay.

Association: Garigal  Also: Boongarie

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