Pemulwuy first came to the attention of the British settlers in October 1790 when Woollarawarree Bennelong asked a marine sergeant and his troops searching for a missing convict to join a war party to kill Pemulwuy.

Bennelong and Colebee almost certainly colluded with Pemulwuy in the killing of Governor Phillip's game-shooter, John McIntyre. In November 1790 Pemulwuy resided for two weeks in Bennelong's brick hut at Tubowgulle (Bennelong Point).Bennelong still maintained that Pemulwuy was bad and considered him his enemy. In the following month McIntyre was assassinated by Pemulwuy prompting Phillip to launch two punitive expeditions to Botany Bay.  Pemulwuy maintained his distance from the Sydney Cove settlement until January 1795 when he came in to attend an initiation ceremony at Farm Cove but no attempt was made to detain or arrest him.  During the next two years Pemulwuy was joined by up to 100 Aboriginal followers and a smaller number of runaway convicts.

Pemulwuy’s group carried out a series of robberies at the Northern Farms and in March 1797 he led a raid against the government farm at Toongabbie.  A party of armed settlers and soldiers encountered the group and chased them to the outskirts of Parramatta and in the encounter that followed at least five of Pemulwuy’s followers were killed and Pemulwuy himself severely wounded and captured.  He recovered and escaped and continued a guerrilla campaign against the settlers. May 1801 Governor King gave orders to drive the Aboriginal people out of the Parramatta, Georges River and Prospect Hill districts by gunfire. He outlawed Pemulwuy and a reward offered for his capture or proof of death. On 2 June 1802, Pemulwuy was shot dead with Henry Hacking, first mate of the sloop Lady Nelson, being regarded as the person most likely responsible.  Affiliation: Bidjigal

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